Healthcare Linen Services

We understand that science, discipline, and expertise are the foundations of quality healthcare. With our own intimate knowledge and proven expertise in the healthcare industry, we provide comprehensive linen management programs to serve all aspects of the professional medical community.

General Linen is a leading provider of commercial healthcare linen services, with a proven track record of providing the linens you need at the exact moment you need them.

We service both large and small healthcare organizations to provide:

  • Healthcare sheets, gowns and towels
  • Healthcare cubicle curtain cleaning
  • Healthcare linen service
  • Healthcare laundry
  • As well as all types of healthcare linens

In comparison to most On Premise Laundries (OPLs), our commercial healthcare rental linen services:

  • Use less chemicals
  • Use less energy
  • Use less water
  • Cost less per pound
  • Operate at higher efficiencies

As a result, our commercial healthcare linen rental programs cost less, free up valuable space, and allow you to focus on running your business.

If you own your own linen (Customer Owned Goods/COG), but outsource the processing, you may be surprised at how economical a healthcare linen rental program can be. Whether you run an OPL, or outsource your COG processing, we will work with you to clearly document your current costs, and provide a firm quote for a healthcare linen rental service equivalent, all with no obligation.

When it comes to healthcare linen rental, General Linen leads the way in convenience, quality, savings, and inventory control. Whether you are large or small, have one location or fifty, we offer the best quality, the best selection, the best service, and the best inventory management and control in the business.  

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