Medical Curtains

Hospital curtains go by many names in the healthcare industry. Whether you refer to them as surgical curtains, hospital room curtains, healthcare curtains or even privacy curtains, one thing is certain: curtains play an important role in all medical offices to protect against the spreading of harmful pathogens--so they must be properly cleaned.

It’s important for your healthcare organization to present a professional image as well as achieve OSHA and BBP Compliance. That means it’s Priority #1 for General Linen as well!

Hygienically clean privacy curtains benefit not only patients, but also the staff who care for them. But hygienically clean is only the baseline. General Linen goes beyond hygienically clean to ensure that your healthcare curtains are full sanitized as defined by the EPA, to deliver a 99.9% reduction in bacteria. We know that properly laundered surgical curtains help keep your patients and staff safe from infections in the operating room, doctors’ offices, dentists’ offices and many more facilities requiring healthcare curtains.

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